About Yoga Life Coaching™

A Yoga Life Coach™ will help you shift into the life that you really want to live, and it’s quicker and easier than you think!

Do you want more connection with friends and family?
Do you want to love your current career more or shift gears entirely?
Do you have big dreams but no real idea of how to reach them?

Working with a coach is a practical action step that can change your life, today.


As a Senior Yoga Life Coach™ I am trained to support your agenda and needs while helping you to dissolve the life-long blocks, troublesome patterns and limiting beliefs that prevent you from moving forward with the life you really want.

Our coaching relationship begins with one complimentary session.   After your initial call, if you choose to move forward, you will set up appointments with me at the intervals which make most sense to you. Most clients start out with weekly sessions, then graduate to fewer and fewer sessions until coaching is complete.

On every 30 minute coaching call, you and I will co-create forward momentum and design activities that you will complete between sessions.  I choose powerful questions, so you can self-discover what your next doable steps are in any given moment.  I can also hold you accountable to necessary action steps, but YOU, as the client will direct me in how I can be most helpful in your transformation.

You will be amazed at what you already know and how you can expand into immediate action and results with the support of a trained coach.


Yoga Life Coaching™ is a life coaching program created and designed by Yoga Life Coach™ and Master Vinyasa Yoga Teacher, Deborah Williamson.  Debbie has been active in the world of life coaching for 20+ years, and created her signature coaching brand and life coach training program to support the heavy overflow of coaching clients who request her services.

A Yoga Life Coach™ is not a therapist or a consultant.   I will not give you advice or tell you what to do.  I do not promote bringing up the past or wishing for the future.  You have to be willing to take action, declare what you want to the people around you, and be honest with your coach in order to move forward.

This brand of coaching is called Yoga Life Coaching™ because I am also trained in yoga and incorporate yoga, meditation and wellness into the coaching, as appropriate.


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