New to Yoga?

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Note: To qualify for the month unlimited introductory offer you must be new to Power of Your Om and be a local (or somewhat local and you aren’t just visiting for holiday) resident. If this is not the case and you purchase one of these online, we will be refunding your money.

If you are not sure what to sign up for, contact us and we’ll gladly help you out!

  • Clients may purchase only one of the Introductory Yoga Offers
  • To save time, click here to sign up beforehand and complete the online waiver.
  • After purchasing a package, you can sign up online for class or just drop into the studio.  Please arrive 15 minutes before your first class so you aren’t rushing just to relax.
  • Wear comfortable clothes – basically anything that you would run in minus the socks and shoes.
  • Bring a mat, towel & water bottle with you.  Don’t have them? – we have them to available to rent and buy.
  • Be prepared to sweat – we practice in a heated room (90 degrees)