200 Hour Certified Yoga Teacher Program

200 Hour Vinyasa Yoga with Adrienne Smith & Erica Blitz

This training is based not just about teaching yoga on the yoga mat but also for taking your practice out into the world and “being the change.”  You will learn how to show up with transparency, authenticity and openness everywhere you go as a teacher, parent, friend, spouse, child, colleague…and just overall human being will change in an amazing way as a result of this training.  

What is the schedule?  

We will meet on Friday evenings 6-10pm, Saturdays and Sundays 8am-5pm at Power of Your Om at The Lab – 121 Gray Street.

September 26-28
October 10-12, 24-26
November 7-9, 21-23
December 19-21
January 9-11, 23-25  
February 7-9

Get the tools, hands-on experience and confidence needed to teach a dynamic and challenging (physically and mentally) Power Vinyasa Yoga class. This program is for new and experienced teachers ready to lead and inspire or those looking to deepen their knowledge and understanding about how yoga works.  If you are remotely interested but just not sure…reach out!  We’d love to sit down and talk about what the program is and is not.  Email us! yoga@powerofyourom.com

The curriculum includes the following:

• Coaching on how to be a powerful yoga teacher on and off your mat
• Anatomy & Physiology
• Asana – Biomechanics, Alignment, Modifications, & Assisting
• Philosophy & Ethics
• Diet & Lifestyle
• Communication & Presentation Skills
• Meditation, Pranayama, & Self-Study
• The Business of Yoga
• Tons of Practice Teaching
COST: Application Fee: $100 (nonrefundable)

Includes Unlimited Yoga Classes during training and all workshops with Power of Your Om Teachers. Payment plans available.

DISCOUNT FOR 200-Hour TEACHERS & Returning Students: If you have completed a 200 hour training in any discipline, you may attend the training for only $2,000!  Email yoga@powerofyourom.com for more details

HOW TO APPLY: To apply for teacher training with Adrienne Smith & Erica Blitz, click here

Once you have applied, click here to submit your non-refundable $100 deposit for the training.

Power of Your Om Yoga Studio is a Yoga Alliance Teacher Training School and follows the guidelines established by Yoga Alliance for 200 hour teacher certification. It is estimated that a full-time yoga teacher who teaches classes, travels and runs workshops makes $52,000 per year.  The demand for well-trained Certified Yoga Teachers has grown exponentially as more and more people are practicing yoga! It is estimated that 30 million Americans are practicing yoga today and that people may start living twice as long in our lifetime. Yoga is growing faster than any other sport in the United States.  Start your career now.  You are Ready!

What graduates of Power of Your Om’s 200 Hour Registered Yoga School Program have to say:

I am so grateful for the opportunity to have participated in Power of Your Om’s Teacher Training Program. It was an incredible experience that went well beyond my expectations.  Adrienne’s training gave me the foundation to expand both my yoga practice and my teaching skills.  I was supported, challenged, and encouraged to explore and find my own voice. The skills that I have learned will not only serve me as a yoga teacher, but have also bettered many other aspects of my life. The sense of community and new friendships I developed have become an invaluable part of my life. I wholeheartedly recommend this program to anyone who has the desire to teach, or simply wants to dive deeper into their yoga practice. ~Christina

The teacher training covered an amazing amount covering the physical, philosophical and spiritual parts that are yoga and I was most transformed by the organic and impromptu discussions. They helped me understand why I have been drawn to yoga and why I feel so compelled to teach. I really enjoyed learning the parts of the power flow and that we were able to have lots of opportunity to practice teach. Also the assisting instruction and practice were invaluable to help see the body and how you can help go deeper into the poses.
The most powerful piece for me was Adrienne’s style of “teaching”. She guides and involves and helped all of us to realize our potential as future yoga instructors both on and off the mat. I believe the sign of a great teacher is the feeling as a student that I have grown and understood more about myself and relationships with others as well as the basics of yoga instruction. As students we were encouraged to help, support, and celebrate each of our individual strengths and talents and there was always a feeling of cooperation and consideration. It was an awesome six months and worth every flow on the mat! ~Taunya
Adrienne’s teacher training program gave me everything I wanted out of learning how to teach yoga, and more. Adrienne guides you through the fundamentals of alignment, philosophy, and meaning of yoga. I always knew there was more to yoga than my 75-minute practice on the mat, and this program truly answered many of my questions as well as opened the doors to exploring all aspects of yoga even further!  I found it quite rich to be introduced to many ideas and concepts right at the get-go of training, and then allow those concepts to sink in deeper as the training progressed over five months. Integration into the ‘behind the scenes’ of the yoga studio took place as well as the training continued. The program offered me the opportunity to participate in all of the studio workshops, practice as much as I desired, and promoted a deeper sense of awareness of my body’s needs. Sometimes it was simply nice to talk about where we were and how we were feeling as students and teachers, and there was plenty of time for group discussion. There are all sorts of ways to learn how to teach yoga, but my experiences in training showed me that the best way was to just go for it and teach!–and there were plenty of opportunities to do that in the safety of the TT group before we taught any classes at the studio. Once we acquired several teaching tools and general yoga knowledge, we were encouraged to go out and practice teaching as much as we could to friends and family. As daunting as that may sound, we all took on the challenge and grew comfortable leading a yoga class! Adrienne has this certain charisma that inspired each of us to ignite our wildest dreams, within and outside of yoga, and showed us that any doubt or limitations we had were merely creations from our own minds. I am so thankful to have chosen the Teacher Training at Power of Your Om because I feel that it truly provides a teacher with very real grounding in yoga–the postures, anatomy, philosophy, business– and a genuine understanding of the teacher-student relationship. We were not trained to teach just like every other teacher at the studio, but instead we were guided to open our eyes to see ourselves as unique and powerful individuals who could lead others through a hot, sweaty and awesome yoga class! My greatest realization coming out of the program is that we are all in this  journey of yoga together, as students, learning form one another, as teachers. ~Yvette